Going Remote Guide03-26-2020

Episode 24

Workplace culture applies regardless of physical location; it is the bread and butter to how our teams work together, work with others, and work in general. It’s not about the individual, but rather, the team and how it will create the environment, the communication, the engagement, and the relationships that will strive online and in-person.

Easier said than done, right? Workplace culture remains a challenge for physical teams as much as remote teams, but it’s important when managing any team that workplace culture is prioritized.


  1. Set a team mission and/or team norms to help set expectations and accountabilities.
  2. Determine how communications will flow to get everyone on the same page, especially when using different collaboration tools.
  3. Create rituals and traditions; plan virtual coffees and social gatherings even remotely!
  4. Transparency is your friend. Many team members will feel disconnected working remotely, so bring them in and share widely, and often.

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