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The world around us is changing rapidly, and it’s not always easy to keep up. Adapting to this evolution is crucial in order to stay relevant, improve our ways of working and to maximize our potential contribution to the public service as well as canadian citizens. Are you ready to embrace digital transformation?

The CSPS Digital Academy has developed and curated a variety of learning products to offer public servants a new learning series. The Discover Series is a suite of foundational courses, touching on various digital topics within the GC context, to equip you with the necessary and relevant digital mindsets, skills and techniques to succeed in the digital era.

Build your knowledge progressively

We know that taking on learning while balancing your busy workload requires a lot of dedication. To guide you through your digital learning journey, we’ve put together an array of online learning products, including self-paced and instructor-led courses, blogs and videos, to help meet your individual learning needs and style.

Tell us what you think! This learning path is currently in the beta phase of development. We are collecting feedback to find out how we can improve our product. Send us your feedback at:

Discover Series

Learning Path: Discover Data

Get familiar with data concepts, terminology and practices, and gain an understanding of the changing citizen expectations of government.

4 months ago2 min read

Discover Series

Learning Path: Discover Digital

Take the Discover Digital learning path to discover the Government of Canada’s Digital Standards and how they apply to your everyday work in the modern era.

7 months ago2 min read