Alistair Croll

Alistair Croll

Alistair is an entrepreneur, author, and event organizer. | Alistair est un entrepreneur, un auteur et un organisateur d'événements.

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FWDThinking Series

Balancing Inclusion and Innovation at FWD50 2020

Tech innovation needs to balance fairness, accessibility, and user-centric approaches with innovation in a way that engages all voices fairly.

a month ago3 min read

FWDThinking Series

COVID-19 Lessons Shared at FWD50 2020

The pandemic has been transformative for government. Not just because of the acceleration that comes with new technology adoption, but because of the cracks it revealed in existing infrastructure.

2 months ago2 min read

FWDThinking Series

FWDThinking, Episode 6: Rhetoric and Reasoned Debate

Around the world, spurred by political divides and the rise of cheap, unregulated digital communications, countries are arguing about the role of their leaders, and the balance between the individual and the collective.

5 months ago2 min read

FWDThinking Series

Digital Nations Summit 2020 and FWD50

Want to know how digital government can improve citizens’ lives? Canada is the virtual place to be in November 2020!

6 months ago2 min read

FWDThinking Series

FWDThinking Series Episode 2: Empowering Product Teams

Product managers are a must in the tech world, owning every facet of a product from conception to end-of-life. But despite the technology side of digital government, the title isn’t that common in the public sector.

8 months ago8 min read

FWDThinking Series

FWDThinking Series Episode 1: Thinking Forward

Should government build a public Internet? If Internet is a basic right, required for civic participation, should we detach it from for-profit delivery?

9 months ago7 min read