Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Becoming a Developer 101

Learn the basics of development and coding languages.

10 months ago4 min read

Digital Transformation

The FlexGC Network

In this episode you’ll learn what FlexGC is and how it supports public servants.

a year ago3 min read

Digital Transformation

Part 3: 9 Ways to Elevate Your Remote Work Game

In this episode, you’ll learn about common challenges GC virtual workers experience and 9 options to improve how you and your team work.

a year ago7 min read

Digital Transformation

Part 2: Remote Team Recipes

Who is moving the remote work needle in the GC and how? Plus, 4 ways you can spark the change at your workplace today.

a year ago6 min read

Digital Transformation

Part 1: Remote Work, Defined (WFH)

Two decades later, to what extent is the Telework Policy being applied across the Government of Canada? Things are changing, albeit slowly. Remote work arrangements vary from team to team and a range of definitions can be applied.

a year ago4 min read

Digital Transformation Our Digital Journey

At the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) Digital Academy, we all come to work every day because we want to help Public Servants solve the biggest problem we face today in government: how to keep pace with the digital transformation happening around us.

a year ago4 min read

Digital Transformation

From Prototyping to Problem Solving

Nine multidisciplinary teams worked together for three intensive weeks. At the finish line, teams proposed a solution and developed a prototype designed to solve real business problems.

a year ago8 min read

Digital Transformation

Agile. Step by Step

Canadians are expecting products and services to be intuitive, easy to use and at pace with their ever-changing needs. We too, as public servants, have to change the way we work to become more adaptable and focused on clients and customers, no matter the field we’re working in.

2 years ago9 min read

Digital Transformation

The Government of Canada's Digital Standards

The world has undergone disruptive change in the last decades, driven by exponential advances in digital technologies. Our cars not only listen, but respond. Our banks approve online mortgage applications in minutes. Our favourite pizza joints let us track our pies from oven to door in real time.

2 years ago3 min read

Digital Transformation

Let's Get Digital

In this episode, we explore how you can take steps to increase your digital literacy—in other words, how you can use digital technology and communication tools as part of your day to day work. This could include accessing and managing information and communicating with others.

2 years ago2 min read

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